Republican: “Council hears citizens’ concerns”

July 21: The Republican reports on the July 20 Northampton City Council meeting…

“Concerns about an adult video store and a special district that would exempt Smith College from most zoning requirements dominated a marathon public comment session at last night’s City Council meeting.

“Thirty people spent 75 minutes sharing their thoughts with the council in a period slotted for 15 minutes.

“Many of the speakers expressed their dismay over a proposal by Capital Video Corporation of Rhode Island to open an adult-themed store on King Street that would sell sex videotapes, DVDs, magazine and novelty items. Opponents were well organized, presenting the councilors with hard-bound folders containing drafts of zoning regulations they would like to see enacted restricting the siting and set-up of adult-themed stores in Northampton. They also delivered a petition signed by 582 city residents and 268 nonresidents endorsing the proposed restrictions.

“Building Commission Anthony Patillo has already denied a request by Capital for a building permit, saying that the site does not have adequate parking. Capital has not appealed that decision to date. Nonetheless, the group NoPornNorthampton, led by Adam R. Cohen and Jendi Reiter of North Street, have been tireless in drumming up opposition to the store….”

Read the full article.

NPN expresses its tremendous gratitude to the many people who collected petitions, signed petitions, attended the council meeting, and have been supportive in so many other ways. We will continue to keep a close watch on the situation, particularly as the city council considers regulations of adult businesses over the next few months.

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