NPN Updates Background Text of Petition

We originally released our petition forms on July 10. On July 18, we revised a portion of the background text as follows:

The characterization of Skipton House was changed from
“YWCA’s shelter for battered women” to “a YWCA office and counseling
center that, among other things, serves victims of domestic violence”.

The original information was derived from a listing at fhYouth to Work. The new description is based on information from the executive director of the YWCA of Western Massachusetts, Mary Reardon Johnson. We apologize for any confusion.

To download the revised forms, please go here.

4 thoughts on “NPN Updates Background Text of Petition

  1. I dont see the big deal with a shop that sells masturbation related materials and that provides a place for viewing them.

    Everyone does it and its good for your health. Your neighbors do it every day, sometimes oudoors!

    What do you have against masturbation?

  2. NPN has no opinion about masturbation.

    NPN is opposed to crime, urban blight, harassment of our neighbors, business failures and the spread of disease. These are all well-documented secondary effects of adult theaters and porn shops with viewing booths. Here is some of that documentation:

    Des Moines: Adult Uses Cause Business Failures, Scare People Away
    Law Article: “Preventing the Secondary Effects of Adult Entertainment Establishments: Is Zoning the Solution?”
    US Court of Appeals Upholds Minneapolis Regulation of Porn Viewing Booths
    Cleveland: Cameras Put in Viewing Booths To Deter Sexual Activity
    What You Can Expect to Find in Your Average Peep Show Booth (explicit)
    Peep Shows: “Generally unsanitary”, “frequent sexual activity is apparent”; Porn industry connected to organized crime
    Impact of Porn Shops on a Community

    It would appear that more than masturbation is on the minds of members when they contemplate visiting the Capital Video porn shop in Kittery, Maine.

    If masturbation is all that is occuring around these shops, why would the residents of Kittery find used condoms around theirs?

  3. Used condoms? Clean masturbation, no muss on clothes.

    You make claims but correlation does not equal causation. Day one stats 101. Try the class you will like it.

    Maybe you could expand on the mechanisms that happen that cause crime/blight/etc.

  4. It’s nice if condoms help keep the user clean, but when tossed on the ground in my neighborhood they are hazardous trash.

    The blue gloves, like the other documentation presented in this blog, are bits of evidence. When taken together, we believe a clear pattern emerges that demands action.

    After a great deal of litigation, fueled in part by the best lawyers porn dollars can buy, many courts have agreed that the correlation of adult theaters with undesirable secondary effects is strong enough to merit regulation.

    In Kittery, Maine, the secondary effects of hazardous trash and high risk sex at their shop appear to have been substantially reduced by the simple act of removing the doors from the viewing booths, cleaning them and lighting them better, as the town now requires. This information comes to us from the Kittery Police Chief and our personal observation of the shop there. To me, that suggests a causal link.

    As time goes on, we’ll be happy to continue our research into the mechanisms of adult theaters, peep shows, and negative secondary effects. In the meantime, if you think adult theaters are getting a bad rap, you could explain why, and propose alternate explanations, preferably with documentation, of what causes the effects seen around them.

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