The Republican: “Residents fight adult-store plan”

July 12: Today’s Republican reports on NoPornNorthampton’s petition:

“…Adam R. Cohen and Jendi Reiter, who live on North Street,
have been organizing neighborhood opposition under the aegis
of NoPornNorthampton. The organization has set up a Web site
with information about Capital…. Cohen, who was in Kittery, Maine, yesterday to observe another adult store owned by Capital, said he is preparing for an appeal by the company.

“‘The issue isn’t over,’ he said….”

Read the complete article.

NoPornNorthampton would like to make one clarification. The article implies that our petition requests a 1,000-foot buffer zone around all adult-themed businesses. Our proposed ordinance is actually more limited. It requests a 1,000-foot buffer zone only around adult theaters and businesses where adult films or live performances are viewed. This is more limited than adult-themed businesses in general. In particular, the regulations we are proposing are intended to have little or no impact on erotica stores like Oh My on Conz Street or Northampton’s existing bookstores, video stores and artistic endeavors.

By addressing adult theaters and businesses where adult films or live performances are viewed, we are targeting a particular type of adult business which has been shown to have negative impacts on its surroundings, while making an effort to respect important civil liberties.

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