What You Can Expect to Find in Your Average Peep Show Booth (explicit)

From the report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (1986). The bracketed numbers refer to footnotes in the report.

Inside the booths the viewer may see approximately two minutes of the movie for twenty-five cents.[2159] As the number of sexually explicit scenes or diversity of sexual acts increase, the viewing time decreases.[2160] Tokens or quarters are needed to operate the peep shows and can be obtained at the outlet’s sales counter.

The average peep show booth has enough room for two adults to stand shoulder to shoulder. The inside of the booth is dark, when the door is closed, except for the light which emanates from the screen or enters from the bottom of the door.

The inside walls of the peep show booths are often covered with graffiti and messages.[2161] The graffiti is generally of a sexual nature and consists of telephone numbers, names, requests and offers for homosexual acts, anatomical descriptions and sketches.[2162] The booth may also contain a chart which is used to schedule appointments and meetings in that particular booth.[2163] In some cases, this arrangement has been used for the solicitation of prostitutes.

After purchasing tokens from the store clerk,[2164] the patron selects the type of movie he wishes to view. A brief description of the film is usually posted on the outside of the peep booth door.[2165] A number or letter is assigned to each film and indicates which coin box inside the booth corresponds with the selected movie.

The film or video tape[2166] is operated by placing one quarter, coin, slug or token into the coin box, which, in turn, activates the movie projector or video tape player to begin the movie.[2167] Quarters or tokens must be repeatedly inserted to continue viewing the movie[2168] which may last from ten to ninety minutes.[2169]

In addition to movie viewing, the booths also provide places for anonymous sexual relations.[2170] Many booths are equipped with a hole in the side wall between the booths to allow patrons to engage in anonymous sex.[2171] The holes are used for oral and anal sexual acts.[2172] Sexual activity in the booths involves mostly males participating in sexual activities with one another.[2173] However, both heterosexual and homosexual men engage in these activities.[2174] The anonymity provided by the “glory holes” allows the participants to fantasize about the gender and other characteristics of their partners.[2175]

The booth is sometimes equipped with lock on the door.[2176] Many patrons intentionally leave the door unlocked. Some patrons look inside the booths in an attempt to find one already occupied.[2177] It is commonplace for a patron to enter an occupied booth, close the door behind him, and make advances toward the occupant.[2178] He may grab the occupant’s genitals in an effort to invoke sexual activity[2179] or attempt to arrange a later sexual encounter.[2180] The sexual activities reported in peep show booths include masturbation, anal intercourse, and fellatio.

Inside the booths, the floors and walls are often wet and sticky with liquid or viscous substances, including semen, urine, feces, used prophylactics, gels, saliva or alcoholic beverages.[2181] The soles of a patron’s shoes may stick to certain areas of the floor.[2182] The booths are also often littered with cigarette butts and tobacco.[2183] The trash and sewage and the application of disinfectants or ammonia on occasion create a particularly nauseating smell in the peep booths.[2184]

It has been estimated that peep shows are the biggest moneymaking portion of this industry.[2185] Annual net profits for peep show booths alone have been projected at two billion dollars.[2186]

12 thoughts on “What You Can Expect to Find in Your Average Peep Show Booth (explicit)

  1. Who is to say sex and other lude behavior is what will go on in the booths in the new facility? Who is to say that the booth floors will be sticky and smell of amonia or have “glory holes” in them. It is absurb to take one bad experiance and/or believe everything you read and prejudge something that hasn’t even happened. Northampton is, or atleast was, the most liberal town that I know and when people start putting limits on what can and can not come to town where does it end? You are aware there are already such places in Northampton that deal with videos and sexy objects instead of calling it a porn shop it says “Lingerie” on the facade. Therfor the theory stands true: if it isn’t right in front of you it is ok. As stated before, it is a slippery slope once a group(s) starts deciding what can and can not come to town. Why not save your breathe and educate the children and community about safe sex. Pornography is everywhere along with the “behavior” people think it insues. So why no put out a positive message and educate people instead of digging in your heels on something that aleady takes place in your own backyard. Get over it.

  2. I see you haven’t posted my comments about the above article and that only shows what kind of group you really are: one sided and close minded. You won’t even post something with a different opinion for the fear thatpeople may see all the holes in your campaign? Irregardless I will be sure to tell people about how one sided and closed minded your group is and how you won’t even debate the topic. Lame.

  3. There are websites where men looking for anonymous sex make lists of
    good “cruising” spots across the USA. One example is squirt.org, “your neighborhood cruising guide”.

    On this site (which has explicit photos), we notice that the Amazing.net store is one of the two “cruising” locations listed for Kittery, Maine. This listing has 56 comments, far more than the number two listing, the I-95 Northbound Rest Area (11 comments).

    When we search squirt.org for cruising locations in Springfield, Massachusetts, 13 sites are listed. Number one for comments is Video Expo (68 comments). This appears to be the same store as Amazing.net, since they share the same address (486 Bridge Street).

    Then we searched squirt.org for cruising locations in Meriden, Connecticut. Four sites are listed. Number one for comments is Amazing.net (79 comments). The other three sites have no comments at all.

    Finally we searched squirt.org for cruising locations in Northampton. Four sites are listed. None of these locations include Oh My or any existing bookstore, video store, or entertainment establishment now in town.

    According to the Kittery police chief, adult video stores with viewing booths
    are often high on these lists of cruising spots. This is not just the experience of one town. We don’t want Northampton
    becoming nationally known as a destination spot for unsafe sex. Northampton’s existing businesses that offer lingerie and adult novelties do not pose the same risk, and our proposed regulations are intended to leave them alone.

  4. Jessie,

    I agree with you that Northampton is a liberal town, but Northampton just like every other town in the US regulates businesses.

    A simple example is liquour licenses.

    There are many examples of pornography sold in Northampton, as you cite, so obviously NPN and those that support them are not concerned with pornography being sold — the issue with this specific store, in my opinion, is the viewing booths, the size (it is opening in a former car showroom), the proximity to a residential neighborhood.

    This has nothing to do with liberalism, by the way. I am a strident liberal, and I still think that government has a role to play in regulating business — I am not against pornography, and if this was just a porn store, I wouldn’t like it, but I would have to live with it. This is not a free speech issue — free speech does not guarantee you the right to take part in whatever business you want to — for instance, having concensual sex in the privacy of your own home is a right, but selling sex is not. We already accept that there is a difference between individual rights (like freedom of speech) and commercial rights — the only debate is where that line is — I believe that private viewing booths pose a public health hazard and need to be regulated.

    Also, I find it interesting that you seem to insist on the rights of this corporation, but not the rights of the citizens of Northampton to try to stop them. Even if you are right about the law (which you are not), you should admit that citizens have the right to challenge it, and respect that right.

  5. I find it amazing at just how ignorant some people are (or are they really?) about the particular issue of adult viewing booths. I doubt seriously that some posters here have ever stepped into such an establishment. In fact, many people never have and never will visit a like venue. Let me say, though; I have. I have visited establishments in the following cities – all with viewing booths:

    Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Hartford, Enfield, Windsor, New Haven, Groton, New London, Norwich, Waterbury, Torrington, San Diego, and Los Angeles. It’s a certainty I have left some out, but let’s just say I possess enough experience to make a well-educated comment.

    All such places are dirty. Semen, refuse, condoms, empty alcohol containers almost always litter the insides of these tiny booths. Glory holes are often present, or at least the signs that someone has been working on gouging a new hole in the separating partition. Yes. Men do use these to have anonymous sex. The knob on my locked booth door(s) have many times jiggled as someone tried to join me.

    Many men (by the way, I’ve never seen a woman in these areas…ever!) go there simply for the quick release. For a mere couple of bucks, they get all worked up and then deposit their gift on the wall before making a hasty retreat. It’s a quickie – filthy, but quick nonetheless. Many others cruise the places for sex. Again I’ve been to these places and seen it with my own eyes.

    I guess that’s about all I have to say on the matter, but for those of you with little or no knowledge of such establishments, just use your imagination because I wouldn’t recommend on-site research to anyone.

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