Kenneth Guarino “ranks among porn’s most powerful”

Mr. Guarino owns 100% of the capital stock of Capital Video Corporation, and is President-CEO. He tells Dun & Bradstreet that his company had over $21 million in sales in 2005. Capital Video has 21 “branches” across the US, including the Massachusetts cities of Boston, Fairhaven, North Weymouth, Northborough and Springfield. Subsidiaries of Capital Video include Airborne for Men and Pike Video.

This web page has compiled numerous articles about his activities. From the introduction:

“Ken Guarino, who dined with Gambino crime family leader John Gotti in 1992, ranks among porn’s most powerful. Lucky to avoid MIPORN conviction, Ken controls one of the four main producers of sex videos along with Vivid, VCA and Leisure Time…. Majority owner of the porn conglomerate South Pointe Enterprises, Inc., the corporate parent of Metro Home Video, Guarino sent his company public in 1994 ‘to become more acceptable’ by buying an inactive corporate shell rather than using the traditional method of a public offering.

“An expert corporate shell shuffler, Guarino…spends his considerable talents creating dummy corporations and business spider webs to launder mob money, avoid taxes and set up large offshore savings accounts….

“Ken paid Natale Richichi, a confidante of John Gotti, and his son Salvatore $15,000 a month and laundered millions of dollars for them to prevent invasion of his porn empire, to get permission from the New England branch of Cosa Nostra to operate a precious metals business in the Northeast and to use their influence with union officials for favorable treatment.

“Court documents describe Richichi as ‘the last living member of Albert Anastasia’s Murder Incorporated.’

“In April 1997, Guarino was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison and fined $250,000.”

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